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MA-ECO CHEM d.o.o.

Rosinova ul. 4,
2000 Maribor - Slovenija

Tel : ++386 / (0)2 228 0851
Fax: ++386 / (0)2 228 0850
E-mail: info@ma-eco.si

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I already own a bag with similar cubic dimensions, and it only weights a 1/2 pound more. If you want a bag 25.5 x 18" x 11", go for it, it looks nice. I don't.Delsey doesn't even make a 25x15x10 bag that I can see, so I don't think the one I received was a mistake.

Rushed to the top of the building we were staying in. I somehow survived as the river hit the lower part of the building, sweeping it away and filling it with debris. A woman was simply swept away; it looked as though she got dissolved in the water; she couldn even cry [out] for help, he said.

The item quoted a press release from the polling firm Penn, Schoen Berland Assoc. EST according to election officials, final exit poll results from Penn, Schoen Berland Associates, an independent New Hygetropin Uk Supplier York based polling firm, show a major victory for the 'Yes' movement, defeating Chavez in the Venezuela presidential recall referendum." The poll showed 59 percent in favor of recalling Chavez, 41 percent against.

The film opens by invoking Bob Dylan's motorcycle accident of 1966, which marked a turning point in his career. The accident was real probably. The details are obscure and inconsistent, leading some to questioned whether it happened at all. "There certainly was an accident, or rather an incident," wrote Dylan biographer Howard Sounes.

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